Tiago Borges

Co-Founder and General Manager, Inosat Global

Tiago Borges is the co-founder of Inosat, a Portuguese market leader of telematics, that was established in 2000 and has more than 50000 active subscriptions over 26 countries.

In 1995, Tiago was among the first European entrepreneurs developing AVL systems and has an extensive experience of more than 20 years in the field.

Since 2007 Tiago is responsible for the international expansion of Inosat.

As a founder of 1-Fleet Alliance, Tiago is a true believer in the power of collaboration inside the telematics industry.

Tiago also played a central role on the recent deal where Fleetmatics acquired 100% of Inosat as part of its expansion plan in Europe.


Jan Cools

CEO, Be-Mobile

After graduating as a civil engineer and obtaining an MBA, Jan Cools joined the telematics company Acunia (Belgium) in 1998 as the business development and sales manager.  In 2003 he founded ITS Belgium, the Belgian platform for the intelligent transport systems, grouping more than 60 member companies. In 2006 he founded Be-Mobile, a Belgian Smart Mobility company, which offers innovative mobility solutions to travelers, public authorities and companies to get more in control over their mobility. In 2016 Be-Mobile has joined forces with the Belgian companies Flow and Mobile-for to become a worldwide player in smart mobility.  In order to support this international ambition the company Proximus – the largest Belgian Telecom Operator – became the majority shareholder of Be-Mobile. Recently, Be-Mobile invested as a majority shareholder into Flitsmeister, the most popular traveler app in The Netherlands and Belgium.


Phat Huynh

Managing Director, Telekom Austria Group M2M

Phat Huynh is a technology enthusiast who turned his passion into a career. He studied in Vienna and Sydney and holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and a diploma in Electronic Engineering. He started his career as a Management Consultant in New York City before he joined mobilkom austria AG as Product Marketing Manager in 2008. As International Marketing Consultant, Phat was leading the group-wide M2M program before he became Managing Director and Head of Marketing & Sales at Telekom Austria Group M2M. Throughout his career, Phat has lived and worked in Germany, Australia and the United States and gathered invaluable experience in the Electronics and Automotive industry. As International Marketing Consultant specializing on M2M, he travelled and worked extensively within the CEE region.


Aliaksandr Kuushynau

Head of Wialon Division, GURTAM

Aliaksandr Kuushynau is the Head of Wialon Division at Gurtam, one of the leading fleet management and GPS tracking software companies globally.

Aliaksandr currently oversees and coordinates all communications throughout Wialon division at Gurtam, and is responsible for distribution channels, strategy and development of company products. An integral member of Gurtam team since foundation, Aliaksandr has spent the past seven years enhancing the visibility of Wialon brand worldwide, and synchronising international sales as the company’s former International Sales Director and CMO.

A calculated risk-taker with deep tech industry knowledge, Aliaksandr holds an MBA and bachelor’s degree in Strategic Marketing and Communications, and has 14+ combined years of experience in marketing and technology arenas.


Paul Lauria

President, Mercury Associates

Paul Lauria is the President of Mercury Associates, the largest dedicated vehicle fleet management consultancy in North America. Over the course of his 32-year consulting career, he has worked with hundreds of public and private-sector organizations, across a wide range of industries, with fleets of as many as 40,000 vehicles. He has conducted presentations, workshops, and/or consulting assignments in several countries in Europe: Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia, as well as in North and South America, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. Before co-founding Mercury in 2002, Paul was a Vice President in Maximus, Inc., where he served as national director of fleet management consulting services. Before joining Maximus in 1992, he was a Senior Manager in the National Transportation Consulting Group of Ernst & Young, which he joined in 1984. He holds a Master’s Degree in Transportation Planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Bartlomiej Mackiewicz

Business Development Manager, Transics International

Bartlomiej graduated in International relations and Russian philology at the Jagiellonian University and has over seven years of experience in the transport & logistics sector. For five years, he was responsible for the sales strategy and business development in the TRANSPOREON Group, a communication provider of software communication platform for shippers and carriers. During this time, Bartlomiej opened the markets of Russia and Ukraine and further developed the markets of Poland, Lithuania and Estonia. Now, Bartlomiej is Business Development Manager at Transics International, covering the region of Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Gergely Mátrai

Product Manager, Opel Southeast Europe

Gergely Matrai joined Opel in 2006. He has held different managerial position in Opel Hungary before he became Product Manager responsible for the introduction of the Opel OnStar in the Opel Southeast Europe region.


Barnabas Palfy

OnStar Support Specialist, Opel Southeast Europe

Barnabas Palfy joined GM in 2011 as Chevrolet Technical Support Specialist then in 2013 he joined Opel as well.  He coordinated several technical and customer care related tasks.

Barnabas is now responsible for coordinating the launch of Opel OnStar in Hungary.


Marek Pukel

Senior International Sales Manager, Ruptela

Marek Pukel is a Senior Sales Manager in Ruptela. Within the company Marek gained experience working in direct sales and business development areas. Today Marek concentrates on building relationships with Service Providers in Central and Western Europe.


Volha Smirnova

Chief Marketing Officer, Gurtam

Volha Smirnova is the Chief Marketing Officer at Gurtam, the largest business and technology company in fleet management and GPS tracking worldwide. She and her team are responsible for creating new business opportunities using the company innovative technologies, and developing the international brand recognition. As Head of Marketing Department, Volha Smirnova is not only in charge of synchronizing the Gurtam strategy with its global sales, but rather making it part of educational process into cost minimization of various transport businesses.

A cross-cultural expert by education, Volha started her career with Gurtam in 2013 with progressively increasing responsibilities in various customer centric and business-oriented fields. Since 2015, she holds her current position as head of Marketing Department at Gurtam.


Zoltán Varga

CEO, Toll Service PLC

Zoltán Varga joined the National Toll Payment Services PLC - Hungary (previously State Motorway Management Company of Hungary) in 2011 as director of road charging. He is currently the professional consultant of the company and holds the CEO position of Toll Service PLC. Both companies are 100% state owned and the road user charging and tolling competence center of Hungary. As a director of road charging, his major task was to restructure the directorate and reorganize it in line with the main processes and work-flows of the applied e-vignette road charging in Hungary. Successfully completing this task, the next challenge was by maintaining the e-vignette service level, to develop and extend the organization by making it ready and available for the implementation of the HU-GO distance based commercial vehicle e-toll system, on the 6,500 km road network of Hungary. The implementation was successfully completed in 2013. The major scope of the state owned Toll Service PLC is to introduce on international level the standout, innovative and cost effective free-flow toll charging technology recently implemented on the Hungarian road network.  Prior to 2011, Mr. Varga spent 17 years in the vehicle financing business with companies like General Motors, BMW and Scania.


Alenka Bezjak Mlakar

Conference Director, Telematics Conference SEEurope


Alenka Bezjak has been active in the telematics sector for several years. She is the director of the Ergo Institute, co-author of the market research Commercial Vehicles in Southeast Europe: Telematics Solutions and Perspectives, and the head of the Telematics Conference SEEurope, the first business conference in Southeast Europe focusing on telematics and fleet management solutions.








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