George de Boer

Leader of Connected Car Initiatives, TomTom Telematics

George, a graduate in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, started his career at CGI managing complex IT infrastructure projects. He joined TomTom in 2006, undertaking a variety of roles and projects, applying his knowledge in helping develop and market accurate real time and historical traffic solutions and live maps. Having been named International Alliance Manager in 2013, George set up TomTom Telematics’ partner eco-system – currently the largest in the industry - supporting integration with the TomTom Telematics open platform and encouraging joint commercial activities. Since 2016 George is responsible for managing and marketing the innovation around the TomTom Telematics Services Platform and the new Connected Car developments as Leader of Connected Car Initiatives.


Aurimas Brazionis

Chief of Sales for SEE group, Teltonika

Aurimas Brazionis is Chief of Sales for SEE group in Teltonika. The company is a leading IoT solutions developer and manufacturer in Europe. Aurimas is passionate about new business cases, ideas in IoT field. During 7 years in Teltonika he gained valuable experience by communicating with telematics & networking service providers and telcos. He is managing sales team, also initiating new projects and finding new business cases with Key accounts.


Jan Cools

CEO, Be-Mobile

After graduating as a civil engineer and obtaining an MBA, Jan Cools joined the telematics company Acunia (Belgium) in 1998 as the business development and sales manager.  In 2003 he founded ITS Belgium, the Belgian platform for the intelligent transport systems, grouping more than 60 member companies. In 2006 he founded Be-Mobile, a Belgian Smart Mobility company, which offers innovative mobility solutions to travelers, public authorities and companies to get more in control over their mobility. In 2016 Be-Mobile has joined forces with the Belgian companies Flow and Mobile-for to become a worldwide player in smart mobility.  In order to support this international ambition the company Proximus – the largest Belgian Telecom Operator – became the majority shareholder of Be-Mobile. Recently, Be-Mobile invested as a majority shareholder into Flitsmeister, the most popular traveler app in The Netherlands and Belgium.


Olga Filonchuk

International Sales Director, Gurtam

Olga Filonchuk is the International Sales Director at Gurtam, the leading global provider of fleet management solutions with 15 years of experience in vehicle telemetry.

Together with her team, Olga is responsible for creating new business opportunities and building density in order to expand the company's presence in international markets of Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Holding a bachelor's degree in Economics, Olga started her career with Gurtam in 2014 as a sales manager. A strong individual with a deep understanding in business development and B2B customer service, Olga is now in the top management team, synchronizing global sales with the overall company strategy. She is Head of International Sales Department at Gurtam since 2016.


Pranshu Gupta

Founder & CEO Trak N Tell

Pranshu Gupta is the Founder & CEO of Trak N Tell, an Indian IoT startup that provides sophisticated vehicle telematics solutions. After earning a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida in 1995, Pranshu began his professional career as a Systems Analyst with Exxon Exploration Company. In 1997, he joined Yahoo Inc. as a senior technical executive and played a vital role in transforming the company into one of the world’s biggest tech organization. Pranshu moved back to India in 2003 and set up his first venture, Pran Enterprises, LLC (Cupertino, CA, USA) which offered custom web solutions to its customers. Later, he founded Bits N Bytes Soft Private Limited in May 2007 and subsequently, incepted Trak N Tell. He got its first OEM customer in 2013 and successfully raised his first round of funding within a year, followed by a second round in 2015-16. Furthermore, Pranshu also hopes to attain a large majority of Indian car owners as customers at Trak N Tell in the next five years.

Apart from work, Pranshu loves off-roading, watching movies, and listening to music.  His hobbies include flying airplanes and wishes to renew his pilot license in the not too distant future.


Ashley Hall

Partner Manager, Google Maps

Ashley Hall has been garnering successful sales for Google Maps since joining in 2012. At the beginning of his career at Google, he was responsible for new customer acquisition for the Google Maps for Business platform in the UK & Ireland. Now he owns enabling Google's Middle East and African partner organizations to sell Google's Geographic data and creating measurable business impact for Google’s customers. Within his role, Ashley is a specialist in Telematics and Vehicles for Google Maps sales management program.


Dmitry Iliyn

Regional Sales Manager for Eastern and Western Europe, Omnicomm

Dmitry is responsible for Omnicomm sales and partner management in Eastern and Western Europe, developing European distribution networks, increasing partner loyalty, and providing efficient sales support to distributors.

Dmitry has an extensive background in IT. At Microsoft, he achieved growth in the revenue and market share of a Partner Hosted Cloud Channel based on Microsoft Cloud OS Network (COSN) and Microsoft Productivity stack through Service Provider License Agreements, tripling the yield for third-party hosting revenue in Russia over three years and expanding to over 700 SPLA partners. His earlier experience includes promotion and sales of Ericsson IPTV and Video Compression services in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, as well as strategic solutions and management of Intel’s R&D Customer Support Centre.


Štěpán Kaiser

Business Development Consultant, Globema & Google Maps

Štěpán Kaiser graduated from Czech Technical University, The Faculty of Geoinformatics on 2013. During his studies he started working for Globema as analyst and technical support. After graduation he has become a member of new Google Maps team in Globema. His responsibility was mainly sales in Czech Republic and Slovakia, but after first year it was extended also to international sales. Currently Štěpán Kaiser is responsible for business development in area of Google Maps, Google Maps based applications and also other Globema solutions in CEE region.


Brad Kelley

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Mercury Associates

Brad Kelley is a Senior Vice President and the Chief Information Officer of Mercury Associates, Inc., the largest dedicated vehicle fleet management consultancy and solutions provider in North America. He is the head of Mercury's information technology consulting team, which assist organizations with evaluating, acquiring, implementing, and supporting fleet solutions; advise solution providers on product strategies and development; and provides data aggregation and analytics services. He also manages Mercury’s enterprise Cloud services, which hosts a variety of commercial fleet technologies for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, state and local governments, and Federal agencies throughout the world, as well as providing IaaS and MSP services to several fleet technology developers.


Bartosz Lech

Head of Location Based Services Department, Globema & Google Maps

Bartosz Lech graduated from Warsaw University of Technology, The Faculty of Electronics and Information on 2005. After his studies he started working for Globema as analyst and developer. After two years as developer he was promoted to Team Leader responsible for IT projects on the Polish energy and telecommunication markets. After next two years he he became Project Manager and Team Manager responsible from Workforce Management projects. At the end of 2013, Bartosz became Head of Google Maps and Workforce Management department in Globema. During his department management, Globema gained more than 200 new Google Maps customers.


Pavol Magic

Head of Business Development, Sygic

Pavol is with Sygic for almost six years. He started as a product manager for online services and over time shifted to develop new businesses, including data monetization and products. He’s a frequent speaker in the CEE region with more than 50 sessions at conferences, trade fairs, and start-up events. Apart from his for profit activities he’s also very active in the NGO sector – in the past he was Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AIESEC Slovakia and provides consulting to a number of other organizations.


Lars Mohr Jensen

Product & Development Director, GateHouse Logistics

Lars Mohr Jensen has a background in medical research and maritime mission critical software systems. He joined GateHouse in 1995 and has during the years contributed with software development, project management, system architecture, and business unit management. Currently he leads strategic projects and acts as product manager for the logistic service ghTrack. Lars Mohr is a major shareholder in GateHouse and holds a masters degree in electronic engineering from the University of Aalborg.


Otto Rist

Director, Business Development, Inrix

Based in Berlin, Germany, Otto Rist is responsible for INRIX’ data, content, and service acquisition and partnership activities in the EMEA region. Otto started working on the crossroads of mobile service and location based services late last century, gaining early experiences in the car OEM and Telematics space. Today he is focused on Business and Ecosystem Development in the Connected Car and Smart City space. Before joining INRIX he was Head of Partnerships at Aupeo (a Panasonic Automotive company), which was a Personal Radio Platform built for the Connected Car. Prior to that he was many years with gate5, which got acquired by Nokia and is today known as HERE. At Nokia he had several roles in product marketing, business development and partnership management. Otto holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and a Masters Degree in Electronic Business Design. 


Jens Strohschneider

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Omnicomm

Jens is a telecommunication, business development and sales leader with a long track record of software and technology projects in Russia successfully launched to the international marketplaces. 

Over the last ten years, his focus has been on the development of new telecommunications and telematics services beyond voice, in particular Internet Multimedia Services (IMS), Location Based Services (LBS), mobile Value Added Services (mVAS), and the Internet of Things (IoT) in close cooperation with global telecommunications operators, service providers, and manufactures.

Jens started his career as a telecommunication engineer with Deutsche Telekom, and received a MA degree in Eastern European Studies and International Relations from the University of Konstanz, Germany in 2001.



Claudiu Suma

CEO, SafeFleet

Claudiu’s career in mobile technology and telematic services has spanned for 30 years of entrepreneurial leadership and success. His vision is the drive behind several companies he leads, started or manages. Claudiu's main idea was to do things considered impossible, go disruptive. In his early days he has been with academia, later on he moved to spectrum  administration and during the past 17 years he dealt with companies offering telematic services, mobile Apps, parking platform and mobile payments: SafeFleet, TPARK and Civitronic. SafeFleet is a regional player in the region, localized in 14 languages. Over 50K vehicles are monitored by 6K users using this platform. TPARK is a parking platform active in Romania and Hungary with over 500K users. Since 2014 Claudiu is actively promoting the1-Fleet Alliance, a professional organization grouping 16 telematic service providers from Europe.  Claudiu frequently commutes now between Timisoara, Bucharest, Warsaw and Milan, trying to inspire the local branches of the organizations named above.


Francesco Tomasoni

Corporate Head of Data Monetization, Octo Telematics

Francesco Tomasoni joined Octo Telematics Corporate in 2012 as a head of IT business services. Since 2014 he is in charge of Big Data Analytics special projects and Data Monetization at Corporate level including Usage Based Products innovation for Insurance as well as OEM/Fleet markets. First he has been working for Ernst&Young and Deloitte firms as a Manager of IT Governance and Finance technology solutions. Currently, he has a contract Professor at SAA Business School of Turin for the Digital Transformation Master.


Steffen Treffer

Key Account Manager, GateHouse Logistics

Steffen has a +21 years of background in the Transport and Logistics Industry with experience within airfreight, sea freight, LTL/FTL transports to/from Fairgrounds, as well as logistics/transports to major Sports events such as the Olympics/Football WC across the globe. He joined the IT-sector in 2012 offering nearshore software development teams + joined a TMS-company in 2015, working as Sales and Marketing Manager. Steffen joined GateHouse in 2016, working within “Major Accounts” being responsible for business development of existing customers as well as contributing to Presales and Sales Operation in general.


Mantas Vanagas

Key Account Manager, Teltonika

Mantas Vanagas is a Key Account Manager at Teltonika, the leading IoT solutions developer and manufacturer in Europe. Mantas is working with direct sales, managing Key Accounts and generating new business ideas related  to IoT. During 6 years in Teltonika he gained valuable experience initiating new projects and sharing his ideas with partners.








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