Oliver Albu

International Business Manager, SafeFleet Telematics

Oliver Albu is responsible for the international business of the SafeFleet Telematics group of companies. He has a Bachelor Degree from the University of Timisoara in Electronics and Telecommunications and graduated an MBA from Central European University in Budapest. With over 15 years of experience in the field, he has gained extensive knowledge of the telematics industry in Europe. Working previously as a product manager in the same company he participated actively and enthusiastically in the development of SafeFleet Portal platform which now hosts over 70.000 monitored vehicles. Currently, he is also involved in the development of a new business direction: building a network of EV charging stations under the brand of lek3.co. SafeFleet Telematics offers a turnkey telematics solution and is now an important regional player being active in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 7.000 customers.



Tim Almaev

Exports Team, Escort

Based in Kazan, Russia Tim is responsible for export sales and positive Escort brand recognition in foreign countries. He has more than 10 years of experience in logistics, international economics relations and efficient transport industries.  Prior to joining Escort team in 2018 he worked for Amazon 3PL logistics department and has a degree from Kazan State Technical University. Open minded and passionate about technology.



Eli Avivi

VP Marketing & Business Development, Micronet

Eli Avivi is Vice President of Marketing & Business Development of Micronet, a provider of All In One powerful open platform solutions enabling Telematics Service Provider to enrich their services with safety, diagnostic, logging and 3rd party Android applications. In his previous positions Eli Avivi was the VP Sales and Marketing of Aeromaoz, GM of Telit Sardinia and R&D director of GSM OEM modules at Motorola. He brings more than 25 years of commercial and technological experience in delivering products to the IOT and telematics markets. He was one of the world pioneers in the M2M vision & technology and successfully delivered state of the art devices to automotive OEMs and telematics customers.


Bianca Barbu

Chief Marketing Officer, CANGO

Bianca Barbu is Chief Marketing Officer for CANGO. She joined the company in 2011 and brought her expertise in negotiation, marketing, business development and customer value that she gained at past companies from automotive and insurance industry.

Telematics niche offered the challenges that she was looking to have and to do something different every day.  “CANGO is the company that I dreamed to work in since I started my career. I wanted to be part of the progress and work in an environment where any idea is welcomed and can become a project. Being awarded by Frost and Sullivan for Customer Value Leadership is a true validation of our work and proves that when you stay true to the brand promises you will succeed!”


Steve Beck

General Manager, Sony Semiconductor

Steve Beck is general manager at Sony Semiconductor. He is based in the UK as part of Sony Semiconductor’s global R&D organisation. His responsibilities include GNSS, IoT and wireless connectivity IC business development and technology standardisation (ETSI, 3GPP), business model development for IoT solutions (devices and services) and management of R&D team. Previous roles have included TV Rx IC business development and digital IC product design for TV, aerospace and computer graphics applications.


Alenka Bezjak Mlakar

Director, Telematics Conference

Alenka Bezjak Mlakar, PhD, has been active in the telematics sector for 8+ years. She is the head of the Telematics Conference, the first business events in Southeast Europe and Middle East and Africa focusing on telematics for fleet management and commercial vehicles. She is also author of the market research Commercial vehicles in Southeast Europe: Telematics solutions and perspectives. Before establishing Telematics Conference in 2010, she worked in event management. In 2016, she finished her PhD in anthropology, where she focuses on solving business problems with multidisciplinary people-centred approaches.


Aurimas Brazionis

Chief of Sales for SEE group, Teltonika

Aurimas Brazionis is Chief of Sales for SEE group in Teltonika. The company is a leading IoT solution developer and manufacturer in Europe. Aurimas is passionate about new busi­ness cases and ideas in the IoT field. During his 9 years at Teltonika he gained valuable experience by communicating with telematics & networking service providers and telcos. He manages a sales team and focuses on initiating new projects and finding new business cases with key accounts.


Jan Cools

CEO, Be-Mobile

After graduating as a civil engineer and obtaining an MBA, Jan Cools joined the vehicle telematics company Acunia (Belgium) as sales director. In 2003 he founded ITS Belgium, the Belgian platform for the intelligent transport systems. In 2006 he founded Be-Mobile, a leading European traffic information player, focusing on the monitoring of traffic flows using connected vehicles. Today Be-Mobile operates its connected car platform to offer solutions for urban traffic management, traveler information services, electronic toll collecting, fleet management and mobile payment for parking & public transport. In 2015 Be-Mobile acquired the extremely popular Dutch speed trap app Flitsmeister. In March 2016, Be-Mobile was merged with the Belgian companies Flow and MobileFor, and welcomed Proximus, the biggest Belgian telecom operator, as its new majority shareholder. Be-Mobile has its headquarters in Ghent and employs around 125 people. 



Ron Dagan

Director of Business Management, Europe, Altair Semiconductor

Ron Dagan is a highly accomplished professional with expertise in international business development, sales and marketing. As Director of Business Management at Altair, he is responsible for the company’s sales and business in Europe.

Before Altair, Ron held senior business development, sales and marketing positions with Amimon, Intel, Oplus, Siemens and Scitex.

Ron has an MBA from Haifa University, MSc. in Computer Science from Boston University, and BSc. In Physics from Jerusalem University.



Søren Danielsen

Business Development Manager, NIC-place

Søren Danielsen is Business Development Manager at German based company NIC-place. Søren is originally educated in the shipping industry and has various international experiences within the logistics industry. He has lived and worked in Switzerland, USA and Hong Kong. Since 2010, he has been working with the digitization of the transport industry. First with Gatehouse Logistics as Head of Business Development, today he is with NIC-place. Søren is an experienced business expert within the area of data sharing, and supply chain visibility.


Alberto Fernández-Wyttenbach

Market Segment Leader for ITS and Automotive, European GNSS Agency (GSA)

Alberto Fernández-Wyttenbach is Market Segment Leader for ITS and Automotive at the European GNSS Agency (GSA) contributing to the implementation of actions to accelerate the adoption of European satellite navigation services such as Galileo in emerging road transportation segments, such as Autonomous Driving, Insurance Telematics, eCall or electronic tolling. Prior to joining the GSA, he held consulting and business development positions in the geospatial industry. Mr. Fernández-Wyttenbach has a Master's degree in Geodesy and Cartography from the Technical University of Madrid and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, complemented with an Executive MBA.


Paolo Giuseppetti

Head of Innovation & Telematics Service Platform, Vodafone Automotive

Paolo Giuseppetti joined Vodafone Automotive in 2001 and became responsible for the development of the telematics platform in 2004. In 2008, he took on the role of Technical Director of Cobra Telematics. In this role, he coordinated the design and implementation of innovative telematics projects with car manufacturers and insurance companies globally. Since 2014, as Head of Innovation and Telematics Service Platform, he leads the team and the strategy of innovation, and development of the telematics service platform for automotive, for the insurance industry and for new vertical segments. He defines long-term technological developments and innovation planning. Paolo has a background in telecommunications engineering and embedded systems. In addition to his Italian mother tongue, Paolo is fluent in English and French.


Aleksandr Krupovic

Chief of GPS Operational Marketing, Teltonika

Aleksandr Krupovic is the Chief of GPS Operational Marketing department in Teltonika. He has experience of over 9 years in fleet management industry. He started as a technical support engineer and later on was a project manager for some of the most successful Teltonika telematic devices. All this experience helped him to gain knowledge about different markets needs and possible solutions for them, and now Aleksandr is using it to grow Teltonika GPS department sales all over the world. He has also attended many industry related conferences as a speaker, where he could share his knowledge and Teltonika know-how in enabling different telematics solutions, to help telematic service providers to use all the opportunities for business growth.


Reinis Kūla

Member of the Board, Technoton Baltic

Reinis is board member of multiple technology related companies. With his high knowledge in new technologies he is valuable part of Technoton Baltic. His orientation in fields such as Fleet Management and Internet of Things is in the highest caliber. With his open and sharp mind, he always brings valid points to any technology related discussion, not forgetting to listen to other opinions, as it is important to look at this industry from different perspectives. 


Yury Lavrentiev

Managing Director, Wagencontrol

Ing. Yury Lavrentiev is Managing Director at Wagencontrol s.r.o. Czech Republic. Yury has been active in telematics since 2011, with his main focus on integrating a fuel monitoring, CANbus data reading and axle load hardware solutions into machinery telematics systems. Specialized in EU and Gulf regions, Yury participated in attracting important customers such as Bosch, Swiss railway, Transics (Wabco), and Continental.


Kiril Lebedev

Project Manager, TechnoKom

Kirill Lebedev has been working in TechnoKom for over 12 years. In 2007, he began his career as an engineer and in 2012, he became a technical consultant. For the time being he is a project manager, working mainly with large fleets in Russia, CIS countries, as well as Europe. In addition to management, he is actively engaged in the development of hardware and software systems. Furthermore, he is also a developer and trainer of numerous AutoGRAPH training courses and webinars, which help AutoGRAPH system’s partners and customers to elaborate their experience and knowledge, as well as create a deeper integration of the system into various processes.



Philippe Moulin

CEO, DriveQuant

Philippe Moulin is a French qualified engineer from the École des Mines in Paris and holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics. He began his career in the automotive industry, where he first worked for auto engineering companies, before joining a public research institute, IFPEN (Institut Français du Pétrole et des Énergies Nouvelles). After leading many ground-breaking projects revolving around connected vehicles, he founded DriveQuant in 2017 to offer driving analysis services drawing on his physics expertise.


Israel Ronn

VP Aftermarket Business, Eyesight Technologies

Israel Ronn VP Aftermarket business for Eyesight technologies is bringing more than 25 years of business management experience in the Telecommunications and Telematics industries. Israel Ronn founded Spotam auto-tech consulting. Prior to that Israel Ronn served as the CEO and GM of various companies in US and Israel such as Cellocator, Cellmax systems; Telrad Connegy and Telrad USA.


Kevin Scott

Head of Strategic Initiatives, TomTom Telematics

Based in Amsterdam, Kevin Scott is head of Strategic Initiatives for TomTom Telematics, Europe’s largest telematics service provider. His responsibilities include market expansion, strategic collaborations and M&A projects. Kevin is a member of company’s senior leadership team and helped lead the divestment of TT Telematics to Bridgestone EMEA, where he is responsible for integrated business solutions. Kevin’s background is in corporate development. He holds an MBA from Tilburg University's TiasNimbas Business School (Netherlands) and an honours degree from the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa).


Roman Srp

President, SDT/ITS&S

Roman Srp is an electronic communications engineer with more than 25 years of experience. He graduated at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrotechnical Engineering in 1992. At present he is active as elected President of SDT/ITS&S (National ITS Association). In 2014 - 2018 he served as Chairman of ITS Nationals – the network of national ITS associations hosted by ERTICO – ITS Europe.


Frank Tinschert

Managing Partner, Maxflow Consulting

Frank is one of the founding fathers of RIO, the open telematics platform of Volkswagen Truck & Bus Group (now Traton). He has been working in the European telematics industry since 1997 with different management positions at companies like T-Systems, Truck24, Qualcomm & Quintiq. His main business focus is on B2B-Business Models and value adding services for the European transportation & logistics industry. Since 2018 he is co-founder of MaxFlow Consulting, supporting Service Providers across Europe with go-to-market-strategies, value-adding business models, connecting new partners and ideas for the-next-generation of services.



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